Wordplay is what Wenda uses to "save the day". It is a reality-warping power where she takes a letter given to her by Margaret at the start and substitutes it in the spelling of something nearby. This changes it into whatever the new word is.


Vengeful Vendetta of the Vaudeville Vampire:

  • biking > viking transforms a bicycle. This shows she doesnt have to directly name an object, a verb representing what it is doing is also adequate.

Fairy Fiasco in Funland:

  • hairy>Fairy creates a being from a situation
  • tree>free changes a plant into freedom

Queen's Quest for a Quality Quilt

  • snake>quake demonstrating the ability to swap pairs, a noun>verb but the snake statue doesn't vanish, the quake brings it for them to climb out
  • tilt>quilt causes a tilting ramp to vanish and become a quilt which Wenda whirls and uses as a rope to swing everyone to safety.

The Clown Clan's Clash With Commandante Crankypants

  • slams>clams
  • alone>clone

Haunted Holiday at the Howling Hog Hotel

  • book>hook
  • snappy>happy

Yarn of the Yukon Yeti

  • hard>yard
  • shears>years causes them to rust up

Intrepid Ice Explorers of Iqaluit

  • gloom>igloo demonstrating she does not need to add the sponsor to where she removed the letter
  • floes>flies causng 3 ice floes to fly

Warbling Wereworm of Wessex

  • ball>wall
  • fiashing>wishing to qlter a well

Nacho and Noodle Nabbing Ninjas of Niagara Falls

  • oodles>noodles
  • pest>nest

Zany Zookeeper's Zoo of Zombies

  • doom>zoom
  • slipper>zipper

The Extreme Excursion to Planet X

  • out>ox
  • Ray>Xray

Jungle Jackpot Jubilee

  • bump>jump
  • poke>joke

Obnoxious Otters of Ottawa

  • Pen>Open
  • Bats>Oats

Mystery of the Missing Magical Muffins

  • Trap>Map
  • Tummy>Mummy

The Goblin Who Guards the Garden of GoldEdit

  • Throat > Goat
  • Throw > Grow

The Dreadful Disco Dragon of DetroitEdit

  • ? missed the first
  • Chance>Dance