Wu is one of Wenda's companions.

Birthday in Bewildering Balloon Bandit Burglary.

Pant lossEdit

A recurring joke in the series is how Wu regularly loses his pants, exposing his white boxer shorts with blue spotson them.

Fairy Fiasco in FunlandEdit

Hwppens when he is stretched.

The Totally Terrific Twirling Tigers of TasmaniaEdit

Queen's Quest for a Quality QuiltEdit

"I wish I'd quit losing my pants" after Wenda pulls him from quicksand and they are left behind.

The Clown Clan's Clash With Commandante CrankypantsEdit

Happens twice

Haunted Holiday at the Howling Hog HotelEdit


Zany Zookeeper's Zoo of ZombiesEdit

The Extreme Excursion to Planet XEdit

Alien scares his pants off following his consultation in Big Book of Everything for extraterrestrial.

Jungle Jackpot JubileeEdit

The Goblin Who Guards the Garden of GoldEdit